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Invest in good name brand paper and you will be rewarded with fewer paper jams and higher print quality. Save yourself money and headaches. Those few dollars saved by buying cheap paper will be spent tenfold when you have to call the service tech out for jamming. Proper paper handling is essential. When loading paper be careful not to damage the leading edge and fan the stack to prevent misfeeding and double feeding. Humidity disrupts the integrity of paper, reduces its strength, causes jamming and strongly inhibits copy quality. To eliminate this problem store paper in a dry, cool location and always reseal the paper package if you do not use the entire ream. Avoid storing paper on the floor.

Key Operator

Designate one person to learn how to work all the features of the machine, how to add toner, remove jams, add paper, order supplies and place service calls. This can save you a lot of headaches. When placing a service or supply order, give the Hagan Customer Service Representative who answers the phone the 4 digit Hagan Service & Supply Number from the sticker on your machine. This will help our staff process your order quickly and efficiently.

Preventative Maintenance

Keep your machine in top running condition by calling for preventative maintenance at regular intervals, instead of waiting for problems to occur where numerous parts need be replaced. Get the most value out of your equipment while saving downtime and money.

Removing Jams

When removing a paper jam, always try to remove the paper in the direction it would travel through the machine. Avoid tearing the paper and never leave any paper fragments in the machine. Any remaining paper fragment may result in continual jamming. When clearing a jam, be careful of jewelry that can scratch the drum. Scratches on the drum will show up as black marks on every copy. Never use sharp objects, screwdrivers, hair pins, coat hangers, etc., to remove hard to reach jams. The result of this is usually damage to the most expensive parts in the machine, such as the drum or fuser rollers. Call your Hagan Service Tech!

Supply Ordering

It is very important to always have extra toner on hand. Never order just one cartridge. Eventually you will have to buy another, so why not save the extra money on shipping and order an extra one for the shelf. Don’t get caught with an important copy job to run and no toner!

Toner Pirates

Buyer beware. Poor quality supplies can cause serious problems with your copier, resulting in costly repairs and decreased productivity, as well as voiding your manufacturer’s warranty or service contract. Fraudulent telemarketers and “toner pirates” promise great deals then rip you off with high prices and inferior supplies. Be assured that Hagan Business Machines only sells genuine O.E.M. supplies!