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Think about your business.

Are you a small business that does not have your own IT support in-house and needs the help of a reliable team? Are you a mid-sized business that currently has an onsite IT staff, but needs the additional support and expertise to complement your team’s current initiatives?

At Hagan, we are there as a trusted partner and IT expert for your business. We provide the managed network services (MNS) you need to keep your business running smoothly. As one of the most reliable service providers in the local area, Hagan provides an appropriate level of service according to your needs. Our main goal is to provide transparent, easily budgeted services that will help small businesses grow and prosper using technology as a catapult to jump over larger competitors, not as a wall that would keep them small.

What are the core service elements of Hagan managed network services?

Proactive local computer and network monitoring

Issues that could shut down a customer network are discovered in advance and preventative measures are offered.

Cloud based backup, disaster recovery and email security

Remove the high cost and space requirements needed to manage in house data backup services and exchange. Email service is moved to the cloud, which cuts cost and needed management time. Easily scale needed resources without having to purchase hardware and licenses to do so, all on a monthly payment that is easily budgeted.

HaaS (Hardware as a Service)

Our MNS customers can add or upgrade their servers, workstations, laptops, or network hardware without having to write a large check. New hardware can be added and billed monthly, allowing you to keep an optimized hardware upgrade schedule in place and easily budget for it over time.

Managed Network Services

What is my potential cost savings?

1If our network goes down, this disruption to our business operations would add up to hundreds or thousands very quickly, and could result in lost sales in a matter of minutes in this very competitive economy. By proactively managing this function, these costs and the soft cost of workers not being able to do “their job” can be avoided altogether.

2Many small businesses do not back up critical data or do it only monthly, exposing their business to costly data collection processes costing up to thousands in case of server failure. Automated and monitored cloud backup and disaster recovery services are a set-and-forget plan that business owners can depend on to securely and safely protect their most important business data in case of disaster.

Testimonials from MNS customers:

Area Shopper

“We had a critical deadline that we could not miss, and we were going to print that day. Hagan’s guys came within the hour and fixed our problem. They saved the day!”

– Lon Wilson
Gordon B. Garrett Funeral Home

“After Hagan stabilized our system for us we have had zero issues, and it’s nice to know that all our data is backed up securely.”

– Jay Garrett
Crawford County Visitors’ Bureau

“Hagan] is always there when we need them and we appreciate it. The service they provide us is excellent and they are always willing to work with us to make us happy. That is priceless.”

– Juanita Hampton
Byham’s Insurance Services

“As a business owner you really want someone to identify the issues, work to resolve them and then help us manage the way forward… Hagan did that for us.”

– Jeff Byham

“We are a Health Insurance provider, so our industry has been turned upside down these last few years. Being a small employer, our employees wear many hats and our IT support person was an internal employee also responsible for several other job descriptions. When the roll out of the Marketplace occurred last fall we experienced several issues, whether related to our internal system or the Marketplace Governmental technical issues, I found myself having many frustrating “Tommy Boy” moments when I wanted to pull my hair out. Since it is our busy time of year, our internal IT person was being pulled in several different directions and for the most part unavailable. We knew some change would need to be made. After meeting with John Farlik of Hagan Business Machines, we knew we found our partner. We already had experience with their 1st rate service related to their business machine division, so we knew they would be there for us when the need arose. They presented us with several packages of service levels. Because some of our units were becoming outdated, they also offered to replace those units on lease and roll the service and lease costs into one manageable service contract. This year has been much smoother and I believe it’s because of the back up support offered by the team at Hagans. They are always just a phone call away should we run into a system problem. Additionally, something that is difficult to measure in value, is how much Hagan’s have alleviated our staff to do what we do best, which is service our clients and be more productive in a long run. I view our partnership with Hagan’s as a win/win.”


Proactive Network Monitoring

When your copier or printer goes down, it’s an inconvenience. When your network goes down, your business stops! At Hagan, we proactively work to provide solutions to network issues before they bring a halt to your day-to-day business functions.

Proactive monitoring improves performance and uptime of critical systems. Using the latest in technology tools, our virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) can optimize and manage your IT investments all from a remote console. So what does that mean for you? Think of it this way:

Your computer tells our computer when a problem is about to occur and…

  • We fix the underlying issue before a large problem occurs
  • You gain peace of mind that we’ve got it handled

Focus on applying technology to your business goals, not the day-to-day running of your network.

24/7 Advanced Performance Monitoring

Ensures all of the critical network devices that comprise your business network are healthy and functioning reliably and optimally

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Ensures that your servers, PCs and other vital network devices function optimally. This improves reliability and security.

Quarterly Network Health Review

Dedicates time to review reports and issues that are important to the ongoing performance of your network. We translate technology into business terms for you.

Security Management

Uses properly designed and implemented anti-virus and anti-spam solutions to keep your business protected.

Patch Management

Ensures all of your Windows servers and PCs have the most up-to-date security and system patches, helping to minimize security risk.

Virtual CIO

Our virtual Chief Information Officer is available to assist with all your support needs, delivering support remotely and actively monitoring your systems for critical failure.

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Computer Networking

Cloud Services & Computer Networking

Technology is a strategic tool. Cloud computing is a tool that has great benefits to small businesses. It is a means of providing space, storage/backup, easy collaboration and more – all online granting anytime, anywhere access to necessary tools and information.

Cloud services save your business time and money as you allow Hagan, your trusted partner, to handle all steps and management for you.

  • No need to research applications and what hardware to run it on
  • No need to find and use up valuable storage, space and power in your data center
  • No need to hire additional IT staff to operate and manage your systems

Best of all, these services can all be bundled into one low monthly payment. Companies are increasingly paying for technology on a “monthly usage” basis. The cloud is built on an efficient model – pay as you go, pay for what you use. All of your would-be capital expenses are converted to a service fee.

The real cost of doing backup yourself is the cost of the continuous human management of such a system, plus the cost of replacing tapes/drives every 8 months.
Keep these statistics regarding data loss in mind:
  • 40 of all data loss is due to hardware failure

  • 29 is due to human error

  • 13 is due to software error or corrupt files

  • 9 is due to theft

  • 6 is from viruses

  • 3 is from hardware destruction

Cloud service features:

  • Online and local file backup
  • Continuous data protection and security
  • Network and database server backup
  • Email security
  • Data archiving
  • Disaster recovery
  • Implementation, management and monitoring
Hagan Business Machines provides affordable, customized IT solutions and world class support to our client base.
Network Security

Did you know 70% of all network threats come from inside?

Yes, more than 70% of all cyber security incidents today are the result of internal security issues that no firewall, anti-virus or malware device could have prevented. What you need is a technology solution that detects these exploits, before they become a problem. What you need is Cyber Hawk from Hagan Business Machines.

As network security threats grow more advanced by the day, protecting your company’s systems and data becomes more challenging. Many businesses settle for traditional security components – firewall, anti-virus, spam filter – all of which focus on deterrence and prevention from external threats.

Hagan chose Cyber Hawk because it was created for businesses who want to identify potential cyber threats on their network that would otherwise go undetected.

Hagan will not only make sure traditional security practices, and components — such as updating, patching, firewall, malware, and anti-virus are in place and running smoothly —we also provide unique security services that go beyond standard technologies to ensure your internal cybersecurity remains intact and hardened.

Our industry-leading internal security alerting solution takes into account your security policies and intelligently identifies suspicious anomalies, changes, and threats. Also, our analysis engine examines multiple data points and notifies you of security issues caused by unusual user behavior and network misconfigurations.

Let Hagan deliver a tailor-made security solution to fit your unique security needs.

Hagan Business Machines offers custom security solutions, built for your business, based on your individual needs.

We will review your current security policies, work hand-in-hand with you to optimize them (or create a set if they don’t already exist), and then install software that scans and detects internal as well as external vulnerabilities.

Can your current security tools do this?

• Catch unauthorized logins/attempts to restricted computers

• Identify new user profiles suddenly added to the business owner’s computer

• Find a newly installed application on a locked down system

• Get alerted to unauthorized wireless connections to the network

• Notice that a new user was just granted administrative rights

• Detect initial nighttime log-ins by a day-time worker

• Find sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and birth dates stored on machines where they don’t belong.

How does it work?

Hagan will monitor and review your network’s security daily, making sure you’re protected. A comprehensive security-as-a-service solution should include ongoing internal vulnerability detection, configuration change alerting, and a heads-up to anomalous user behavior and other types of unusual or suspicious activity.

Our 6 Step Process

1 Conduct a risk assessment

2 Review network and security risks

3 Develop a management and remediation plan

4 Set up cybersecurity policies

5 Create your 360° ongoing security solution that detects internal threats, and regularly tests for internal and external vulnerabilities.

6 Set up regular reporting. Based on your level of service, we will create monthly, quarterly, or annual reports.

Hagan Business Machines offers a custom security solution, built for your business, based on your individual security needs. We will review your current security policies, work hand-in-hand with you to optimize them (or create a set), and then install cybersecurity software that scans and detects internal as well as external vulnerabilities.

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