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Should You Boost Your Communication Security?

Cyberattacks on businesses can happen, but most hackers choose to target various online communication systems. The primary reason is that it’s easy to breach. Anyone can send a fraudulent link via text message, email, messaging apps, or even social media. If a single employee makes the mistake of clicking bogus links, it will be a big payday for the hackers. This is why you should consider bolstering your communication security.

What You Can Do to Stay Protected

Running a dependable antivirus program and a firewall will help keep online threats at bay. But if your employees are the ones who allow threats in, then all your precautionary software and systems become useless. Everyone in the organization should learn to practice caution and prudence, especially when using the company’s communication system. Here are a couple of tips that could help.

Check Links Before Clicking

First, look at the hyperlink in the anchor text and verify its legitimacy by checking for signs of bogus links. Before clicking on the hyperlink, you should also see where it points by right-clicking it before opening it. Real websites will usually end with “.com,” but a fraudulent link will change this to a different ending like “.co,” “.uk,” “.xyz,”.

Check Email Addresses before Opening Messages

It’s easy to search for email addresses or phone numbers online. If no results show up, you can contact the company directly. Ask whether the contact number you have is accurate. Most companies are glad to lend a hand!

Invest in Online Security Training for Employees

No matter how safe and advanced your cybersecurity strategies are, they can’t protect you completely if your employees don’t know how to stay safe online. A lot of cyberattacks on businesses today can be traced back to one employee who accidentally clicked on a malicious link or let malware into the system.

Lack of Awareness

It’s easy to blame employees, but what can you do if they can’t tell between fake and valid links? You’d be surprised at the lack of awareness concerning online threats. Try it for yourself by taking our Employee Readiness Check. Have your employees take the test and see how much they know about online and communication security.

A Comprehensive Training Program

As a business owner, you must invest in online security and training for your staff. We offer a comprehensive training program that will equip your employees with all the knowledge and skills needed to improve your online security. We will train them on how to check URLs before clicking, how to verify the validity of an email address before opening it, and much more. By the time the training is over, we will have turned your staff into a robust first line of defense for your company.

In addition, we can run a phishing test in your office to identify the weak security areas that need to be corrected. We can then make changes and boost your communication security so that you won’t have to worry about threats making their way into your system.

For more tips on how a managed service provider can help you, download our free Internet Culture Policy!

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