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e-STUDIO6516AC Receives BLI’s Highly Recommended Rating

Outstanding Reliability, Robust Security Features and Ease-of-Use Among Report’s Key Findings

The results are in, and Toshiba is proud to announce that the eSTUDIO6516AC has received BLI’s Highly Recommended Rating and Highly Reliable ratings.

Scoring a perfect 10 on reliability, this 65PPM color (75PPM monochrome) departmental MFP was subjected to over a half-million impressions during the exhaustive test, experiencing just three minor misfeeds thus earning their Highly Reliable rating as well.

High marks for security were due in part to Toshiba’s proprietary selfencrypting hard disk drive included on the MFP (Toshiba is the only MFP manufacturer that makes their own drives). A variety of authentication methods and provisions for protecting documents processed on the MFP also factored into BLI’s security assessment.

BLI further praised many elements of the walk-up experience including the Simple Scan and Simple Copy menus and called attention to the optional and unique Elevate embedded platform, enabling the MFP to be tailored to business-specific workflows thus minimizing user errors and improving productivity.

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